Practice profile

In the past 25 years, Korb has developed into an internationally operating interior design firm and specialist for hotels, restaurants and retail. Our competent team of interior designers and architects also takes pleasure in accepting a variety of challenges in other areas of interior design.

“A convincing idea requires perspective, authenticity and open-mindedness.” (Th. Korb)

Our creative process begins with a meticulous analysis and candid examination of the construction project. This means we distil the genius loci – we recognise the unique qualities of the task – and consciously use the language of interior design to create an authentic atmosphere that suits the purpose of the space. The persuasive power of the design determines how conclusive the effect will be.

“The beauty of the design requires passion and diligence in its realisation.”

The credo of our work is to maintain an awareness of the importance of perfect workmanship for the final appearance. We place great emphasis on the qualitative and diligent execution of the design concept – especially during the later phases of interior designing – in order to ensure that the ongoing project harmonises with the original concept.

“Deadlines and budgets are never constraints; the project parameters provide incentive and inspiration.”

Clear agreements define our room for manoeuvre, establish planning reliability and set goals. Through all project phases, including concept development, executional planning, construction supervision and management, Korb give particular consideration to environmentally-friendly procedures, reliable scheduling and effective cost management. This guarantees a stable and confidence-building project execution.